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School Trips - Mayas Carpool
School Trips - Mayas Carpool
  • Why do we use only six tire buses/vehicles?
    MFSAB is short for Multi-Function School Activity Bus. An MFSAB meets the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) as school buses, but is not required to have stop arms or traffic control lights and in most states is not required to be yellow. Studies have shown that school buses (including MFSABs) are the safest form of surface transportation. The National Safety Council estimates that the risk of death for a passenger traveling in a school bus is 172 times lower than for someone traveling in an automobile or other non-compliant vehicle. Vans that transport students are illegal in the state of Florida.
  • Are our buses inspected an DOT certified?
    Yes, all our buses are in compliance with D.O.T. (Dept. of Transportation), they are inspected and registered and a certificate# is imprinted in every one of our buses. Also they are safety and mechanically inspected yearly as required by the State of Florida.
  • How much insurance coverage in our buses?
    Our buses are insured for over a million dollars to guarantee your confidence that your children are covered adequately.
  • Are our buses equipped whit GPS?
    Our buses are equipped with GPS and that way, we know where the bus that carries your child is at all times in case of emergency. We also monitor the proper speed of every bus and other behaviors to ensure the safest operation of every bus by every driver,
  • How do we choose our drivers?
    Since we are dealing with the most precious cargo, your children, We go through a rigorous process to choose our drivers. We require clean licenses for 2-3 years, for this we check with the DMV and also the insurance databases to ensure a responsible driver is behind the wheel of our buses. On buses with more than 14 passenger capacity, we require a CDL (Commercial Driver License). We also perform a background checks as well as drug tests on every driver. Each driver has to have a physical examination required by the D.O.T. in order to obtain his/her D.O.T. medical certificate.
  • Do we Train our drivers?
    Yes. Every one of our drivers is trained by a company CDL certified instructor for the routes as well as for good driving habits we should observe. We follow our drivers at random to observe how well they do their job of driving safely. On this, we have a zero tolerance for unsafe driving behaviors. We also match every route to the drivers ability/experience as some routes are more complicated or demanding than others.
  • What is “Home to School” and “Point to Point” service?
    Home to school is a route directly from the home to in front of the school. Point to Point is from a particular point of pick up where an adult is with the child to another point where a teacher or guardian receives the child. Note: NO CHILD WILL BE LEFT ALONE unless a parent or guardian meets him/her.
  • How often do we check our buses?
    Our buses are inspected thoroughly on a quarterly basis but daily inspections by each driver are required to report any trouble with brakes, electrical, wipers, lights, etc.
  • What i sour accident record?
    We are happy to report that since 2009, we have had zero accidents!!! We strive to keep it that way!
  • When is a Good time to register?
    Registration is something you should do as soon as possible. From December on is ideal as seats fill up quickly and we cannot guarantee a space at late registration. Keep in mind that seats are always limited and on a first come (register) first served basis.
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