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Student Transportation - Mayas Carpool
Student Transportation - Mayas Carpool

Our Services


We can taylor any service you need.

Maya offers a variety of services tailored to your needs. Here are some of those services. If you do not see what you are looking for listed, please contact us and inquire.

  1. Door to Door Daily Service

  2. Round Trip Service

  3. One Way Service

  4. Weekend Trips

  5. Weekend Activities

  6. Field Trips

  7. Parks and Recreation Rides

  8. Point to Point Service

  9. Camping Activity Transportation

  10. School Trips to Sport activities

Our Track Record

Customer satisfaction is our goal. Listening to our customers has improved our customer loyalty and created a larger customer base with increased activity. Reducing service failures, improved more accurate scheduling and enhanced employee performance are our goals. We strive to meet or beat our customers expectations.

School Trips - Mayas Carpool

About Us

As a family owned and operated (and we still are), we started in 1998 in the city of Miami with one van serving one student to the Mc Glannan School. With that one child actually we were off to a great start. After one month, our service was so popular we were able to acquire a second van. We continued to grow in our Second year, serving other schools in Miami like Gulliver Academy, Gulliver Preparatory, Palmer Trinity, Carrolton School, and others.

We served for five years with friendly, responsible and reliable service to the parents and children of Miami, and were the number one company in Miami with a fully grown company with a fleet of 18 vans. We served more than 350 children in residential areas like Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Coco Plum, Old Cutler Road, Brickel, Pine Crest and others. Our letters of references of these schools are available for your inspection if you wish. After achieving such a great goal in the Miami area, we began here in the greater Orlando area and after ten successful years, we continue to grow and with confidence we know we are among the best transportation companies offering a superb and professional service for all of Orlando.


Among the many schools we have served are: Lake Highland Preparatory School, Trinity Preparatory School, Windermere Preparatory School and Orlando Science Schools. You can rest assured that your children are in good hands, and protected by God's angels.

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Rules and Behaviors

In order to offer the safest environment, these rules must be observed by parents as well as students. Your cooperation is greatly be appreciated.

1.At the time, masks are optional in our buses.

2. Do not send your child/children on the bus if he or she is not feeling well.

5. Unfortunately friends are NO longer allowed to ride the bus. Only students that are registered with Maya's.

6. No eating, drinking, shouting or offensive words on the bus are permitted.

9. The child must keep always fasten his seat belt while in the bus. Students are not allowed to move from their seats while bus is in motion.

10. Parents should notify Maya or the driver when their child will be absent and not riding on the bus. This will help us in not delaying the route.

12. It is totally prohibited to send text messages to the driver during the route.

13. Children should not distract the driver while the bus is in motion. It is required for the children to always respect and listen to the driver.

16. Each child is responsible for their personal belongings. We will keep safe if anything was forgotten on the bus, but we are not responsible for any lost articles.

19. If your child does not respect others in this bus, he or she can be moved to an assigned seat in the bus.

20. We are looking forward in maintaining a good, safe and friendly environment within the students during the ride.

3. Students must sanitize hands upon entering the bus. Sanitizing stations are installed in every bus.

4. Please advice your child/children NOT to share their items (Tablets, pencils, books, etc…).

7. We ask each child to respect each other in the bus. No bullying or calling names will be allowed.

8. It is required that the child must be ready 5 minutes prior to his pickup time. The bus driver will not wait.

11. Students must be aware every day of boarding the afternoon bus on time. If your child uses headphones, they will not hear when Maya's Transportation is called. This can delay the route.

14. Any hand games within students are totally prohibited. Any throwing around objects in the bus is totally prohibited.

15. The child should know that we work in constant communication with the school for any miss behavior in the bus.

17. We need parents to work together with us concerning the behavior and safety of your child in the bus.

18. If your child does not abide by the rules and behaviors while in the bus, you child can be suspended of using the bus services.



  • Lake Highland Preparatory School 

  • Orlando Science School. 

  • Orlando Science School (East Campus)

school bus - Mayas Carpool
school bus - Mayas Carpool

If you need a quote, we will be more than happy to assist you. Just give us a call or send us and email with the details below and we will send you a quote.

(407)-485-0473 | Email:

school bus - Mayas Carpool
School Trips - Mayas Carpool

Thank you for your message!

transport students - Mayas Carpool
transport students - Mayas Carpool

Many wait till the last minute to register and that is a mistake and a risk of losing your space or spaces for transportation. It is a good rule to follow to register by August 1st. Do not wait as seats are always limited and they are available on a "first come first served" basis. Guarantee your seats by registering early.

transport students - Mayas Carpool

Every one of our buses has a particular number and it is most important that your child should know it to avoid confusion. Sometimes we have more than one bus at the same school. Please make note of the bus number and remind your child. Thanks!

transport students - Mayas Carpool

At Maya's, rest assured that your child is secure. We make sure every student is buckled and there are no exceptions. A safe ride starts with seatbelts fastened at all times in our buses.

transport students - Mayas Carpool

All our buses are equipped with GPS. We know where the bus that carries your child is at all times! We even know the speed of that bus in all areas and we even know if the bus is overheated! All these features ensure the safety of your child, the driver and the bus!

transport students - Mayas Carpool

Eating in our buses is strictly forbidden for many reasons including avoiding spill accidents and many other and safety is our number one rule. Please be sure your child abides by this rule and kindly, receive our thanks!

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